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To Gawk or Not

My Zumba post got me thinking about self-consciousness.

I generally care about what other people think. If I already feel insecure about something, like my clumsiness or body image, I let self-consciousness prevent me from doing things I would otherwise enjoy. But most of the time, I try not letting others’ opinions affect my actions, especially actions I know I want to do that do not negatively affect others.… Continue reading →

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One Day I Too Shall Zumba

I got to my body sculpting class early today. The class before mine, Zumba, was still in full swing. The heavy beats of Latin music were blaring; bodies, not all sexy, were feverishly gyrating, not all in tempo. The exaggerated dance steps caused the overhanging belly flesh and the flabby thighs to jiggle in sync with sweaty flapping triceps.… Continue reading →

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Q1 Report: Mental and Emotional

Because my mental and emotional states for the past three months have been so intertwined, I am going to review both areas in this single post.

Much of this blog has been focusing on my mental and emotional journey after leaving BigLaw. For this Q1 report, I won’t repeat or summarize the experiences I have already written about.… Continue reading →

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Q1 Report: Financial

Out of the four emotional niggles I had about quitting BigLaw, I thought at the outset that the most difficult would be not making money. I do feel the momentary pang on the 15th and 30th of every month when certain direct deposits do not appear, but overall I don’t think I have obsessed about this niggle as much as I thought I would.… Continue reading →

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The Agony of Writing

My dislike of drafting was a significant factor contributing to me quitting law. But drafting legal documents was considerably easier than personal writing. There are no penalties for lacking word variety or having half-page long sentences with multiple subordinate clauses. In personal writing, so much hinges on aesthetics and clarity. I disliked drafting, but I hate writing.… Continue reading →

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Part V – Money, Money, Money

In the last post of this series about my decision to leave law, I talked in detail about the emotional niggles of forfeiture of sweat equity, loss of prestige, and negative perceptions from others. This post is dedicated to the niggle of not making money. Numerous spreadsheets and countless internal debates went into wrestling with this niggle.… Continue reading →

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Finding My Fine Line – A Toned Ab

This past week was my first full “normal” week since quitting. The frenzy of completing a long list of overdue errands, the decompression from the 25-day road trip, the catching up on all the TV shows I missed, and the novelty of appreciating that I now have all the time in the world… All that has passed.… Continue reading →

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Our Nutty Adventure – Part II

Greetings from Waterton Lake National Park, the Canadian sister park to Glacier National Park. We are sitting in Prince of Wales Hotelwaiting to see the sunset. After what feels like days without internet access, I am finally back online (expensively roaming on the MiFi).


We had driven 750 miles since my previous trip post at Bremerton on Monday.… Continue reading →

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