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Q2 Report: Going Back To Schools (Sort Of)

The first three months after quitting – my Q1 of post-BigLaw life – was a period of adjustment. I traveled, decompressed, reflected, established a routine – and felt uneasy with my lack of productivity. Productivity was not an issue for the second three months. Q2 was about trying out new things, improving myself, and refining my interests.… Continue reading →

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Finding My Fine Line – A Toned Ab

This past week was my first full “normal” week since quitting. The frenzy of completing a long list of overdue errands, the decompression from the 25-day road trip, the catching up on all the TV shows I missed, and the novelty of appreciating that I now have all the time in the world… All that has passed.… Continue reading →

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Part III – The Risk Factors of Quitting Law

Part I and Part II of this series covered how I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to stay in law. So, what’s next?

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to explore what I wanted to do while continuing to work as a BigLaw associate. If you are drunk and want to get sober, the first step is to stop downing the shots, then to detox (an uncomfortable but necessary step which I’m in right now), and finally to gain the clarity to look objectively at the future.… Continue reading →

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