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Preview for Next Week

Three months ago today, I was dumpster diving. That life seems so distant now. I don’t miss that life… but I wonder if and when the proverbial “yet” will drop.

These days, people often ask me “how are you doing?” The curiosity and earnestness in their tone suggest that the question is not a mere greeting requiring and expecting a mindless and cursory answer.… Continue reading →

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Problem Sets and Poetry: How MIT Made Me Who I Am Today

I returned to MIT last week after a “mental absence” spanning an entire Chinese zodiac cycle of 12 years. I say mental because I haven’t relived or engaged in an emotional way with my MIT days since graduation despite having passed through the ‘Tute a couple of times.

So what brought me back to MIT?… Continue reading →

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Meat: A Conversation Between an Animal Activist and a Hunter

What does an animal activist have in common with a hunter? Turns out, more than you think.

I am an animal lover. Among my animal-related activities are fostering cats, volunteering at shelters, serving on the New York City Bar committee on animal issues, and supporting the ban on dog fighting, cock fighting, cricket fighting, basically any form of non-human animal fighting for the profit of humans.… Continue reading →

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Sad News

The elderly couple from California we met during the last days of our road trip left an indelible impression on me. We met them on the ferry ride from Bainbridge Island to Seattle after they had visited Bainbridge Bakers, a favorite place they never missed a chance to visit. They were on their way to an Alaskan cruise before the husband’s open heart surgery.… Continue reading →

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