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Introducing the Newest Members of the Cheng Family

We finally pulled the trigger. We officially adopted Chase and Christy two weeks ago. You may remember them – the two foster kitties featured at the end of this post back in September.Among the many foster kitties we’ve had, they were the most difficult. Christy had complications with her spay wound shortly after she came to us.

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Q1 Report: Social

Before I quit, one of the risk factors I feared was becoming bored or lonely. My husband works a lot, so I am home by myself most of the time. But as it turns out I’ve hardly felt bored or lonely.

I have been spending many hours with our cats Bellucci and MacGregor, as well as with foster cats when we have them.… Continue reading →

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Finding My Fine Line – A Toned Ab

This past week was my first full “normal” week since quitting. The frenzy of completing a long list of overdue errands, the decompression from the 25-day road trip, the catching up on all the TV shows I missed, and the novelty of appreciating that I now have all the time in the world… All that has passed.… Continue reading →

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The Story So Far

Thanks every one for reading my blog. When I first decided to start a blog, I didn’t think that many people would read and react to it. Now that I seem to have a more or less of  a steady following, at least according to Google Analytics which I’m resisting to check as often as my stock prices, I am encouraged.
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