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A New Year’s Restart

It has been almost a month since I last blogged. A few days after publishing my last entry about football, I took off to Boulder and Denver for a short vacation and got sick during the trip. With chills, aches, fever, hacking coughs, and the whole nine yards, I ended up spending much of the trip lying in bed in the hotel.… Continue reading →

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

I used to dread Sundays and Mondays when I was working. These days, I can’t wait for them to roll around so that I can watch football.

I wasn’t always into football. I would watch the Superbowls, but more for the ads than the play. I was more of a basketball and baseball fan during my high school and college years.… Continue reading →

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34 Going On the Rest of My Life

I haven’t blogged for a while. To my surprise, I missed it. I missed pouring out my thoughts onto a blank page, translating — approximating — their complexity into a string of words. Words with meaning and rhythm. I missed the revision process of trashing, trimming, tweaking — searching for the right words that seemed to be lodged in the abyss of my gray matter ready to be found, so close yet so far.… Continue reading →

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To Gawk or Not

My Zumba post got me thinking about self-consciousness.

I generally care about what other people think. If I already feel insecure about something, like my clumsiness or body image, I let self-consciousness prevent me from doing things I would otherwise enjoy. But most of the time, I try not letting others’ opinions affect my actions, especially actions I know I want to do that do not negatively affect others.… Continue reading →

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One Day I Too Shall Zumba

I got to my body sculpting class early today. The class before mine, Zumba, was still in full swing. The heavy beats of Latin music were blaring; bodies, not all sexy, were feverishly gyrating, not all in tempo. The exaggerated dance steps caused the overhanging belly flesh and the flabby thighs to jiggle in sync with sweaty flapping triceps.… Continue reading →

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Preview for Next Week

Three months ago today, I was dumpster diving. That life seems so distant now. I don’t miss that life… but I wonder if and when the proverbial “yet” will drop.

These days, people often ask me “how are you doing?” The curiosity and earnestness in their tone suggest that the question is not a mere greeting requiring and expecting a mindless and cursory answer.… Continue reading →

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Problem Sets and Poetry: How MIT Made Me Who I Am Today

I returned to MIT last week after a “mental absence” spanning an entire Chinese zodiac cycle of 12 years. I say mental because I haven’t relived or engaged in an emotional way with my MIT days since graduation despite having passed through the ‘Tute a couple of times.

So what brought me back to MIT?… Continue reading →

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Sad News

The elderly couple from California we met during the last days of our road trip left an indelible impression on me. We met them on the ferry ride from Bainbridge Island to Seattle after they had visited Bainbridge Bakers, a favorite place they never missed a chance to visit. They were on their way to an Alaskan cruise before the husband’s open heart surgery.… Continue reading →

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The Agony of Writing

My dislike of drafting was a significant factor contributing to me quitting law. But drafting legal documents was considerably easier than personal writing. There are no penalties for lacking word variety or having half-page long sentences with multiple subordinate clauses. In personal writing, so much hinges on aesthetics and clarity. I disliked drafting, but I hate writing.… Continue reading →

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Finding My Fine Line – A Toned Ab

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I have changed my blog platform. This means the RSS feed address has changed (but the blog itself is still at The new RSS feed is available at

Thanks for reading!

–Every Six Minutes… Continue reading →

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