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A Break in Houston

I am in Houston — first time in four years. I haven’t visited Houston frequently since college. Yet, every visit I had has reminded me, without fail, one particular visit I had thirteen years ago.

It was March 20th, thirteen years ago today.

I used my spring break to visit my mom.… Continue reading →

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From VIP to UIP

I charged through the five-day South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival. The Interactive part of the annual SXSW festival focuses on emerging technology, and the hot topic for this year is social media. I pushed myself to attend 90% of the panels my schedule allowed. I reckon that 30% of the panels I attended were worthwhile.… Continue reading →

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Flash of Tsunamis

Watching the havoc wreaked by the tsunami in Japan reminded me of the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on Boxing Day 2004. Thinking back, this devastating event may have seeded the change in how I view career.

I was working in Hong Kong at the time. I was a young ‘un — two months into my first year as a BigLaw associate — working on my very first deal.… Continue reading →

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A MMA Loving Bleeding Heart

Many people know that I am an animal welfare advocate. I am against all forms of animal entertainment: fighting, racing – even performances like the Ringling Bros. Circus. So they are often surprised to learn that I am a big fan of the live Strikeforce showdowns on Showtime, the brutal sport of human fighting in the form of mixed martial arts (MMA).… Continue reading →

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