The Story So Far

Thanks every one for reading my blog. When I first decided to start a blog, I didn’t think that many people would read and react to it. Now that I seem to have a more or less of  a steady following, at least according to Google Analytics which I’m resisting to check as often as my stock prices, I am encouraged.
One practical hurdle about the blog has been its lack of functionality and generic layout.  My blog is set up on Posterous, a free blog platform known for its ease of use. Posterous can automatically post blog entry from emails and resize pictures and videos when uploaded, which is great. However, it offers limited choices of layout and makes it difficult to customize, for example, I still haven’t figured out how to create navigation tabs or set up a search function for older blog entries.
So, until I become more tech-savvy (or have my tech-savvy husband reformat my blog), I’m manually listing the entries I have posted so far (with some commentaries) below as a reference for anyone who missed them.
August 2, 2010: Inaugural Post  — Surprisingly, it is not an entry that got a lot of viewership as compared to the others.  However, I did get a fair number of Facebook messages and emails from friends congratulating me on my “retirement”.
August 3, 2010: Need for Order  — I received a number of questions on whether the CableBox actually work. Yes, it does. I actually switched the white CableBox with a black one and used the white one for my husband’s MacPro for color coordination.  I also bought another black one for tidying up the cords behind the TV.  It is magnificent.  I’d be happier if there were an Ikea close by, check outSignum for half of the cost.
August 4, 2010: The Straw that “Chipped” the Camel’s Back — This one seemed to have struck a cord with many readers.  Some thought it was hilariously and pathetically resonating, while another told me that it almost brought tears to her eyes when she read it while in the office working at 3 AM.  I think the reaction may have been due to the state of exhaustion.
August 5, 2010: Couch Potato? Hardly —  A  highly viewed entry as expected.  Yes, I shamelessly pimped out my cats.
August 6, 2010: A Miles Milestone — Based on the number of questions I got from friends for tips and tricks, I wish there were lucrative job positions out there as a Loyalty Program Portfolio Advisor. LOL!
August 7, 2010: Saying Goodbye — Here is an update on Bela and Victor: they got adopted together by a couple who according to City Critters were in love with the cats. Although I probably won’t see them again and they certainly won’t remember me, I am glad they found a nice forever home together.
August 9, 2010: The Gym Non-perk — This one got the highest viewership.  I can only attribute to the fact that it contained a lot of dollar signs.
August 10, 2010: Deja Vu — I have had a few more dreams about work since then, but none as vivid. Looks like the detoxing process is making strides.
August 11, 2010: Perpetual Wednesdays — I felt a little bad after I posted this entry because I really didn’t mean to rub it in, especially to anyone who were working hard at the office.
August 16 and 22, 2010: Our Nutty Adventure, Part I  and Part II — These are chronicles of our road trip so far.  More to come since I am only at the midpoint.  It has been a lot of fun, but I do miss MacGregor and Bellucci, the comfort of the home, the convenience and diversity of New York City and being connected to high-speed Internet at all time.
August 18, 2010: I Had An Allergic Reaction to Eat, Pray, Love  — My rant about the movie.  I am glad that there is a Facebook group called Eat, Pray, Love sucks.
It definitely makes me happy knowing that there are people reading my blog.  One thing I worried about before I quit is the potential loss of camaraderie and being able to communicate with my peers.  I still have the worry, but having the blog helps to mitigate it because at least a dialogue has started. Thanks for the notes and encouragement via Facebook and email.  Do feel more than free to comment directly on the blog also.
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