Need for Order

Before I can concentrate on thinking about future possibilities, I feel the need to organize my life — at least the things around me that are within my control — into clearly delineated categories.

I have always been a pretty organized person.  Since I no longer have the confines of a daily routine, I crave order all the more.

I was proud of the way my work emails were organized, not only by client matter numbers, but also by the status of the matters.  However, my personal emails were scattered in 3 or 4 computers I had over the years.  So, over the weekend, I cajoled my husband to import all my emails from the various computers into one centralized computer.  I then classified all my emails, some of which dating back to my college days, into folders representative of the stages of my life.

Now that my emails are in order, what better place to indulge my slightly OCD endeavor than my own computer desk, where I will spend many foreseeable non-revenue generating hours?

A key organizational tool is the BlueLounge CableBox, which costs $29.99 from The Container Store.  Given that it comes as an empty box and you have to supply own surge protector, I thought it was an outrageous price.  But man, do I love the result.  And, more importantly, I enjoyed the process of stuffing neatly coiled cords into the CableBox. Indeed, out of sight, out of mind, but the pleasure of the result is lasting.

Here is my desk before.


Here it is after.


Future possibilities? I see myself buying more CableBoxes to tackle the mess of wires behind our TVs

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